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Makhdoom Sadiq Khan – An Abstract Painter


Makhdoom Sadiq Khan – An Abstract Painter Short Biography, Dated 30th June 2020 Born on 01-01-1976 in Karachi, Pakistan. Qualification: BA, LLB, MA Economics Resident of Block-5, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan. Makhdoom is a self-taught artist. He is making artworks since his childhood. Where his family, especially senior members of the family with their approach and efforts towards art and literature of Pakistan helps him to explore the artist within himself easily. He is an observer and a sensitive person. He loves to work in oil on canvas mostly but he sometimes experiments too. Makhdoom believes he can best express himself in the medium of oil paints on canvas. His works belongs to abstract, conceptual & imaginative subjects. Art movements that one can explore in his work are surrealism, neo-expressionism, expressionism, symbolism, fauvism, figurative, abstract expressionism, outsider, artbrut, avantgarde etc. Makhdoom paints mysteries and situations relating to human relations with unseen motives, feelings, sometimes driven by strange, uncommon and unnatural thoughts and imaginative creatures with their own situations. His work contains mysteries, situations, emotions, feelings, fear, aliens, darkness, supernatural things, sadness, sorrows, happiness, broken, torn, love, florals etc According to him he categorizes his art as “Living and the Unseen”. Makhdoom mainly paints situations and mysteries not conclusions or results. Favourite artists Sadequain, Shakir Ali, Jamil Naqsh, Bashir Mirza, Wasi Haider, Dr. Rashida Qari, Wahab Jaffar, Ahmed Pervaiz, Wali Haider. From other countries, Makhdoom’s favourite artists are Pablo Picasso, Juan Miro, Salvadore Dali, Van Gough, Wassily Kandinsky etc

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Makhdoom Sadiq Khan - An Abstract Painter

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